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Piano Tuning And Refinishing Expert in Long Beach, CA provides a slew of piano services ranging from expert piano tuning and piano repairs to piano refinishing. Jeff's impressive resume and profile of clients and experience have drawn many customers to his services. If you need piano tuning in Los Angeles County, including Beverly Hills and Long Beach, call 310-508-1346 so Jeff can finely tune your beloved grand piano.

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Whether you own a piano inside your home, in the foyer of your commercial property, or at your concert hall or music shop, our professional piano tuning service can make all the difference between an award-winning performance and entertaining the local cat choir. Piano Tuning And Refinishing Expert in Long Beach, CA is the premier choice of celebrities and professional concert halls. Since 1972 when Jeff launched his budding career as a piano tuner and technician, he has been extensively involved with the House of Blues, performing arts centers like when Bob Dylan performed back in 2009, world-class concerts and other high-class celebrities and musicians. His fruitful legacy makes him and Piano Tuning And Refinishing Expert a trusted resource for music enthusiasts in Long Beach, Beverly Hills and Orange and Los Angeles counties.

As mentioned, our professional piano tuning services have been pursued by recognized names like Byron Scott - former Los Angeles Lakers playing coach - the Eagles at their Los Angeles recording studio, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Steve Miller Band and Hootie & the Blowfish. The list goes on. We're also adept in piano repair and piano refinishing in the Los Angeles and Orange counties. Make us your piano tuning choice and you'll discover why our positive reputation precedes us. Piano Tuning And Refinishing Expert in Long Beach, CA offers almost three full decades of experience in the music industry. Whichever piano service you need near Beverly Hills, from piano tuning to piano refinishing, Jeff will have you covered.

We're pleased and excited to discuss the host of celebrities we've helped surrounding their piano tuning needs. From Sally Field and Danny DeVito to Andrea Bocelli, we assure you that you're working with a superior technician with a wealth of wisdom. Call Piano Tuning And Refinishing Expert in Long Beach, CA at 310-508-1346 today to schedule your regular piano maintenance, to book your initial piano tuning appointment, and to find out more about the services we have to provide.

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